Double film on dvd

When I record a film from tv on dvd with my 5002 Liteon and I put dvd on my computer then I have the same film twice (I look it with clonedvd, windows media player and other). Why??? :confused:

Actually you don’t - the film is only there once, but the index says differently. This is a well known issue, but does not really cause any problems as such once you realise this.

The Lite-on uses a slightly different format (DVD VR) rather than the more common DVD Video format, and I suspect the IFO files used by the Liteon are slightly non-standard and this confuses normal PC software.

If anybody else actually knows why this happens, I’d be interested to find out?

As Oilman said, this is a known issue, but only impacts how the computer software “represents” the data. There is only one copy. When I re-author Liteon DVD VR disks using DVD Author I have tried selecting either of the two entries for the files. Either works for re-encoding and re-authoring.

Why it does it I don’t know, but you definitely don’t have two copies of the same file. If you did, then you would be able to get more than 4.7GB on a single layer DVD.

Thanks for answers :slight_smile: