Double ended Audio Cable

Fairly straightforward question for all of you audio copying freaks out there.
Ages ago I bought a double-ended audio cable which allows you to connect line-out to line-in of soundcard, walkman, speakers, record player etc using the standard earphone socket size connector.
It is good for e.g. copying audio cassettes to hdd if you’re not bothered about pure quality reproduction.

Now I need to buy a couple more, but can’t find any reference to this simple little thing on any site.
What is its official name? (other than double ended audio cable)

1/8" stereo phone plug to 1/8" stereo phone plug audio cable xx ft. long. :wink:

Ah yes, helpful that was.
Using your search terms I found out that in the UK we say “phono” not “phone”. And unfortunately we don’t seem to have radio shack over here. Or any equivalent.

I couldn’t for a second imagine a world where you couldn’t get a 1.8mm mini-stereo to 1.8mm mini-stereo cable at every single electronics store. :bigsmile: