Double Density CDR's?

I’ve never even heard of these but I saw them being sold at a store (also DD CDRW’s). Says they can hold 1.3 GIG. I’ve got a plextor 708a so I can already burn 4+gig using DVDs, but if it can burn a 1.3 gig CD that would be pretty handy for my portable cd/mp3 player (assuming it could read a burned DD CDR(W))

I have my doubts. AFAIK there are special drives to record and play them.

I remember Sony introducing a CD-DD Format some years ago. I think this is as proprietary as GigaRec and you will probably have difficulties to play it back in your portable player. Just my 2 cents.

Yeah those are Sony DDCD which only work in DDCD recorders (dont even know if there are players for this format…).

i seen those b4…

the guy at the store told me they hold 650MB on each side

650x2 = 1300 or 1.3GB

Nice but probably useless information in 2005. :slight_smile:
At first I thought it is HD burnable CDs but after a few search I realized that HD burn and DDCD is not the same thing. (right?)

I think Sanyo’s HD burn technology would have been famous if DVDRW didn’t cruise well. A lot of existing CD media can be burned with twice more data, though most ODDs don’t support to read it. It seems DDCD really requires a new media. hmm… even worse than HD burn. what’s the advantage then?

Anyway even HD burn is pretty much dead now; people are discussing HD DVDs. :slight_smile:

No it’s 1.3gb at one site. It’s something Philips and sony develloped but only sony has actually released a drive which burns it and has some readers which support the format.