DosFlash V2.0 patched to support BH16NS40/BH16NS55 drives


Of course yes.


And so stupid question:

I updated it to 1.01 (I think; it’s been months). it shipped with 1.00. How would I revert back to 1.00? Assume I need a clean 1.00 from ?

And would I need to splice together a new firmware via hex editor the downgrade?


You have to import specific data (laser calibration and so on) from the 1.01 dumped firmware to the new one (even if older).


I didn’t keep track of everything that was done but I started with using DOSFlash (booting from USB FreeDOS) to put an image on the drive, looked like it was successful drive showing v1.02, but wouldn’t read, so I tried LG Crossflash (BH14NS40_N1.00-A4_patched.exe) and firmware file ‘flash_HL-DT-ST_BD-RE_WH14NS40_1.02_NS50.bin’. Same results, drive won’t read, but reports v1.02.


yup. figured as much. had to do same with an Asus drive.

just need to know where to grab the 1.00 firmware and then what to copy via a hex editor to make a clean 1.00 for my drive


Did you remember to use the “move” program on the dumped 1.00 and clean 1.02 firmware before you flashed the 1.02?


Have you made copies of the factory firmware with the modified version of DosFlash?
Do you have it?

Make a modernized version of DosFlash dump firmware 1.01 and make a screen of this operation. Send me the firmware 1.01
We have a clean LG WH16NS60 firmware 1.00 but we have not tested this model BH \ WH16NS60 because they are available only in the USA and Korea so far and we have no access to it.


I think I’m in trouble - overwrote the backup on USB.


Not good, you’ll have to upload a copy of the software from another drive to the test.

Let someone send you a full copy of DosFlash. I am traveling and I do not have access to such software at this time.


I saved a copy of my DOSFLASH dumps (non-clean) I can share. Will that help him?


Can you try recovering the file using a tool like Recuva?


Thanks SizzleachestXXX, but no good, recovery didn’t work probably wrote too much information on the stick.

I do have a copy of DOSFLASH.


How do you restore a copy made by DosFlash?
Post a screen with all the operations you perform.


I have a copy of the application, not the ROM image.

I’ve decided to order another drive from NewEgg and start again, this time making backups of bakups.


Hi guys, I seem to have killed my wh14ns40 service code ns50, it is recognized and opens tray but cant read anything. At first, I crossflashed to wh16ns58, successfully, and the issue appeared. I tried to revert to wh14ns40- issue persisted, upgraded firmware to 1.03, same issue, but now also cant flash anything due to error message(protection). Is there anything left to try or clean OPC data?


Do you still have the ORIGINAL dump of the firmware you made?


No, unfortunately I haven’t, I thought crossflash is “supported”


There ought to be a warning at the beginning of these guides: BACKUP YOUR DUMPS!

If you screw up or have problems, you can restore back to stock/original. I keep the original dump of my drive in a folder with the drive’s serial number backed-up on my server. This should be obvious, but…


already snagged a pioneer bdr-s09XLB off ebay for 70 bucks, learned my lesson…, probably will get another unit


Thank you so much for this! I’d missed the DataMover step, and was really confused why my flashed drive couldn’t read any discs.