DosFlash V2.0 patched to support BH16NS40/BH16NS55 drives


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note to all:

if you patch the Lg WN16NS60 to firmware 1.01 it will no longer work with deuhd.

now if you happen to have firmware 1.00 let me know! the firmware was released back in Nov and i took a chance.

that tells you how quickly AACS LA caught on and worked through hardware channels to prevent this


I’ve moved your post to the LG burner patch thread. Do you think the 1.01 has been changed afterwards to no longer work with the AACS 2.0 loophole? I mean is this a 1.01 version 2 that has been silently replaced!?


We have a clean firmware version 1.00 for LG WH16NS60.
Only we do not know if DosFlash works with these models. We do not have such to test.

Try upgraded DosFlash V2.00 to read firmware 1.01 and if possible, please send to us


where do i get dosflash and the 1.00 firmware?


are you saying there is a 1.01 version that works? the version i used was from LG and released in december. they definitely did this to patch the hole.


We do not make this firmware publicly available because we do not know whether the modernized DosFlash program works properly with the LG BH \ WH16NS60 models.
These models at this time are only available in the US and Korea.
It seems to us after the parameters of the chipset and the memory that they should work properly with DosFlash but until we check it thoroughly and practically we will not share this firmware.


no problem. i found dosflash and will try it shortly and report back to you

thanks for the information.


TBH, I’m not really the right person to say the 1.01 works/worked :wink: I thought most drives had 1.03 out and versions prior to that still had the loophole in place. I think that’s the case for at least some, but maybe for others it’s different, not sure at all. @czary2mary and @philwashere seem to be more into this, so they can probably answer that better than me.


for the LG WH16NS60 there is only the original 1.00 and N1.01 version that is what i used from LG’s site. released 12/8/2017, it blocks deuhd.

actually: deuhd will “open the disc”. as soon as you attempt to rip, deuhd immediately reports an error using their standard dialog. if you choose Ignore then it proceeds to do something but at far less than 1MB/s and is essentially useless.

given the timing of the firmware release, i believe LG purposfully did this to plug the hole they think deuhd uses.


very frustrating. everytime i try to start dosflash it complains it can’t install the driver due to windows driver signing. i have disabled that permanently but it still refuses to install.

perhaps in windows 10 + latest creators update this simply won’t work.


On many hardware from Windows 10 it is very difficult to properly run DosFlash V2.0.
We definitely recommend computers with Windows 7 \ 32bit for this purpose.


Clean Asus 3.02 Firmware !!!


I wanted to crossflash my BE16NU50 1.01 (unboxed and attached via SATA) to an ASUS BW-16D1HT 3.02 with the unlocked BH14NS40 firmware, which lead to a CheckSum mismatch message.
Do i have to go the DosFlash way, or is there also some other method such as DevilsClaw’s Flasher ?


So I popped a drive in my computer, installed Win7 32 bit on it, and tried to use this. DosFlash kept saying “No ATAPI drive present”. I ensured I had the drivers installed and that my SATA ports were set to IDE mode. I’m guessing that my motherboard (Intel X99) is just too new for this to work?


I answered my own question by digging out an old Athlon XP box, installing Win 7 32 bit on it, and running DosFlash on that. Worked perfectly. Got my WH14NS40 back to 1.02 and it’s working great!

Was lazy though and didn’t feel like taking my case apart to remove the drive from my tower, so I had a little fun with it. :wink: :smiley:


Hello, here are 3 firmware dumps using devilsclaw on my windows 8 pro icluding their dvdinfo screeshots. Czary2mary, i dont have a uhd disc(ATM) to try out the ns50 to see if the1.02 firmware from july 2017 will work. Can you give me me your opinion if the firmware seems to be the same as the “older 2015 1.02 firmware”? Mods, please repost or delete the files as you see fit. Thanks.

wh16ns40svc40firm100 - nov 2014
wh16ns40svc50firm102 - july 2017
bc12B1STbfirm300 - oct 2016 (2.0 MB) (2.2 MB) (2.6 MB)


@ [wiseoldman]

Thank you very much with your friend @Blackened 2687 for your work.

Firmware 1.02 to LG WH16NS40 NS50 is of course the same from 2015 \ 2017

Does the LG BH16NS40 Play 4k Blurays Discs

It seems to me that there must be only DosFlash.