DosFlash V2.0 patched to support BH16NS40/BH16NS55 drives

This is amazing. I have an LG WH16NS40 that I had updated to 1.03. I went through several different methods to get it downgraded, but nothing worked. Then I randomly came across this comment and link. The method in this link worked the first time on my Windows 10 64bit system. Can we please get this added to the OP? It will save so much wasted time for others who are trying to follow older processes.

Sorry for theblat reply. The key is to not try this from a Windows 10 machine. Find an older machine that has Windows 7 or just DOS running on it and use the command tools to do. I found that they worked best. Also, be sure to backup your firmware. Considering I did this months ago, I dont recall all the steps I took. But the ones mentioned above were the key to getting the firmware flashed to the older version.

When will people learn to read the first post in such a thread carefully??

That is no longer true, I was able to do this on Windows 10 64 using the link in this comment DosFlash V2.0 patched to support BH16NS40/BH16NS55 drives

It would be great to get this new information added to the first post.

They info was already added before the post from “Scott_Smith” but the kinda ignorance these days especially on the interSHRUB prevent many people from reading before posting…

They also cannot imagine to built a usb stick with dos, the necessary drivers and the tool to flash from that instead of booting and preparing a whole OS and all that stuff. Something to think about…

yes I meet you…before solve a problem always I try to read all posts I can read many time the answer is there I solved by read and read many post, is also truth some people write/post on stupid things without a knowledgement about what we are speaking on…

Still it would be nice if the 64-bit version of dosflash could be modded for the LG Drives.

anyone know if it is possible to flash WH14NS40 SVC Code NS50 1.03
To being able to do BD-r quality scans, with the WH16NS58 1.D3? scanning firmware.

or the newer BH16NS55 1.04 (saw it at the store)

I have a WH16NS40 on 1.00. If someone tells me how, I can dump.

Anyone crossflashed a BH16NS55 to WH16NS58 in the last time?

I managed it almost 3 years ago, but actually I only get error-message about Driver Signature Enforcement with portio32. I disabled it at start and tries dseo, but still get this message or my drive will not be found

Also tried an old W7-Image Iused for crossflash HP 335 to iHBS 112, same prob there

Hi heatr216,

Could you please upload WH16NS40 original FW version 1.00 if possible? I am looking for it to revert my drive back to its original state.

Many thanks

Hi, i have a BH16NS40 (1st gen, SVC Code NS40)
I had version 1.02 but accidentally updated it with the 1.05 (SVC Code NS50).
There is some chance to downgrade.
The player no longer reads any discs.

Hi, same problem here.
Accidentally flashed NS50 on NS40.
I tested win7-pe with your Dosflash, but Dosflash had problems identifying the flash chip.
Any ideas.

Check here, towards the bottom of the first post.

At first the drive was not appearing when I executed the dosflash, so I changed different sata ports and was able to detect the drive but failed on probably detect the flash chip properties

Ide mode on sata configuration and used both windows 8.1 32-bit and the windows 10PE provided by the makemkv; Ultimate UHD Drives Flashing Guide 2021, with no success

Model: BH16NS40


2013! Your drive is way too old!! It will never be able to read UHD.