DosFlash V2.0 patched to support BH16NS40/BH16NS55 drives

Oh, you again!

Maybe you should think about your attitude a bit :slight_smile: before answering. You’re obviously not helping here, so what’s your point… Thanks for trying nonetheless.

Chef is attempting to answer your question. Post #1 describes creating a bootable USB drive because the tools specified for this procedure do NOT run on a typical windows install… but you are being stubborn.

Perhaps try this instead:


Hi d00zah,

I do not believe that saying “Re-read the post” is an attempt to help :slight_smile:

I assume this won’t work on Windows 10 then, I’ve tried 2 virtual machines already (Win7 and XP), no dice. I’m testing Win7 from a USB stick now, crossed fingers. Thank you for your link, since I’m having issues with Win-to-USB, I’ll try there.

I’ll report back.

Hard to believe,

But I went to your link, downloaded the Asus executable, ran it with the 1.02 firmware provided here for the LG WH16NS40, job done! All under Windows 10 x64… Took me 2 mins.

Many thanks indeed, much appreciated.

Actually, it is exactly that. The 1st post (the procedure) explains every question you asked.

That said, the link I provided offers a tool that just DOES it. NO special BIOS settings. No bootable USB. Just run the tool from your desktop, pick the correct drive & FW. Flash & reboot. Done.

It’s amazing what difference ~a year can make.

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Well, the image provided here is ‘clean’ & is specific to the procedure in post #1. The linked post with the tool specifies something else. This archive, also linked in that post:

includes prepared FWs. Glad it worked for you, but you REALLY need to take the time to read instructions. It might not have.

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That’s correct d00zah.

I modified the original ASUS FW Flasher to allow downgrading / cross-flashing and I also included the ‘DE’ (downgrade enabled) firmwares, which have a byte changed to allow you to downgrade ‘UHD unfriendly’ firmwares using the official flasher.

Sure is a lot easier and safer than the old Dosflash method.

Thaks for posting the links!!


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Thanks for refining the new, improved process, making it nearly idjit-proof. I say nearly, since nature abhors a vacuum & will ultimately conspire to produce a more accomplished idjit. :grin:

BTW what will you, Alex & Billy do with your new found spare time?

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Well d00zah, I might actually be able to watch some of the movies now! :thinking:

You’ve earned it. Enjoy!

Kudos to you ! Great job :man_mechanic:


You’re funny.
I’m busier than ever.

I registered just to say Thank you! TO d00zah and MartyMcNuts

I was trying all the methods in the thread attempting to downgrade the firmware on a pair of WH16NS40’s without success. After reading to the bottom of the thread I came across this post. Using the modified ASUS FW Flasher I am now on 1.02.

Thanks again! :beers:

Thanks to all for your hard work! I just purchased a WH16NS40 and I am ripping my 4k Blu-rays now!!!

Scott_Smith, can you go into detail of how you accomplished the process and what files you used?

Do you have BW-16D1HT 1.01 firmware? I briked my old drive putting the new 3.10 firmware

Will this help me unbrick my BW-16D1HT that is on firmware 3.10 but is not compatible? i need firmware 1.xx to try and make it work again… :frowning:

Firmware Asus BW-16D1HT fw.1.01 (1,2 MB)

thank you