DosFlash V2.0 patched to support BH16NS40/BH16NS55 drives


it’s impossible to download from zippyshare. can anyone post a clean version of LG WH16NS60 FW 1.00 Appreciate any help. Thanks!


Here you are… (1.3 MB)

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Many Thanks!!


Hi Guys,
I tried to downgrade my LG BH16 NS40 (manufactured in June 2014) from Firmware 1.03 to 1.02. using the TheBelcherMan’s Method under FreeDos.
Sadly, it doesn’t read any Disc now that I throw at it. I guess I made a fatal error when creating the dump. I did not name it with the appropriate type ending .bin, but just named it 103. Could this be the reason for the drive not working?
Is there a possibility to revive the drive with another dump or do I have to get a new one anyway because mine is too old to read UHD Discs?

Many thanks in advance!!

I just went back to Firmware 1.03 with the original dump that I created and the drive is working again. Maybe it is simply too old to work with the BH16NS40_EEPROM_DATA_Mover?
Any suggestions on which new drive I should be buying?


The drive has to have SVC CODE: NS50 in the lower right of the manufacturers label.
This is shown in an image posted by TheBelcherMan Feb. 1,2018.
Best I can tell post#59.
If your LG BH16NS40 is too old to have the SVC CODE: NS50 then the firmware flash won’t work.
So that is what you need to check for.


I just took a look - seems like my drvie doesn’t even have a SVC Code. So I’m gessing that it is definitely too old.
Many thanks though for the fast reply though!