DosFlash V2.0 patched to support BH16NS40/BH16NS55 drives

Woohoo!!! WH16NS60 successfully downgraded to 1.0 firmware!

Thanks a ton, @czary2mary for all your help!

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Thank you for the test and confirmation of the operation.

We add clean firmware for LG WH16NS60 fw.1.00 and LG BU40N fw.1.00 models

LG WH16NS60 fw.1.00 Clean
LG WH16NS60 fw. 1.00 (1,3 MB)

LG BU40N fw.1.00 Clean
LG BU40N fw.1.00 (1,3 MB)

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Hi, I have the BU40N with firmware 1.02… I am going to try to downgrade to 1.00. If I try using the attached “LG BU40N fw.10.00 Clean” file, do I just start at step #4?

Hi. I came across this guide and I would like to downgrade firmware
I managed to get Dos Flash working in Xp, but I get an error when trying to read

Production date 2018 04 11 on sticker

You must start from the first point, have a copy of the fw.1.02 software and the calibration data to transfer to “clean firmware”

Is this a modernized version of DosFlashV2.0?

I was successful in downgrading the BU40N to firmware 1.00. I tested and it is able to play the UHD (Black Panther), however, I am still unable to rip it using makemkv.

I was able to successfully rip the same UHD using an Asus BW-16D1HT. Do I assume that the BU40N is just not “friendly”?

I have a WH16NS40 Svc Code NS50. I dumped the 1.03 firmware using “DosFlash32_BH16NS40”. I also downloaded the 1.02 firmware from this thread (filename “wh16ns40svc50firm102untouched.bin”). I’m stuck with the EEPROM_Data_Mover. It lets me select the firmware I dumped. When I try to select the 102 firmware “Select a clean BH16NS40 firmware file”, it returns the error “Incorrect Firmware file”.

Any help would be appreciated. I can upload my 1.03 firmware if that would help.

Thank you.

Download ‘Clean_NS50_compatible_firmwares.7z’… link available in 1st post of this thread & extract/use ‘flash_HL-DT-ST_BD-RE_WH16NS40_1.02_NS50.bin’. Worked for me.

Dear mods

I currently have the following drives
BH16NS40_1.01 and BW16D1ht_1.01

should i still use the dosflash to upgrade to the appropriate firmware for UHD ripping?
which firmware should i be using?
thanks much in adv!


Thank you! That solved it.

Thank you so much TheBelcherMan (nice name too btw) for this guide.

I’ve been struggling with this and pulling my hair out for days now and I was finally successful using this method. I sincerely cannot thank you enough. This has been a godsend!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

@rawdaw Ya old school just worked best in this instance. Love to share when I can!

Wow that was painful but it worked! I have an ASUS motherboard running Windows 10 64 bit.

I could not get portia.sys to work no matter how much signatures I disabled. Only your method worked.

I had to change my SATA fro ACHI to IDE, as well as move the LG SATA cable into position 2 from position 4, and then use Rufus to boot into DOS just as you said, worked perfectly but painful. Thank you so much!


Ya but it was fun, wasn’t it :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh man I left out the more painful parts. I first tried the above methods - disabling all kinds of drive signaturing, even downloading 64 bit versions of Dosflashing without any luck. I probably rebooted my computer more that day than in the last 6 months.

But then when I tried your method, I have a huge graphics card GTX770 that covers up my 1 and 2 SATA ports. I could not for the life of me fish the SATA cable into the motherboard, because the spring clip on the SATA cable and sheered off and was stuck inside the port! So I had to take that the GPU, remove the broken clip, then get the Blueray drive in the right position, and to be safe disconnected all other SATA drives. Even then I had to run dosflash a few times to recognize the drive. And then when I reconnected the other hard drive to boot into windows I got a terrifying ‘unable to boot into windows’ blue screen error, but thankfully that was because I hadn’t gone back into ACHI configuration and from there it worked.


Does the EEPROM Data Mover write the original laser calibration data to the new firmware?

I remember reading about downgrading methods last year and I think a lot of people lost their calibration data because they flashed firmware files that contained different calibration data, etc.

Also, what is the best downgrade firmware for my LG WH16NS40 v1.03 (NS50) drive? I think it’s [flash_HL-DT-ST-BD-RE_WH16NS40_1.02_NS50.bin], right?

‘clean’ file is correct. & thats’s the point of the ‘Data Mover’… take calibration from your dump & transfer it to the ‘clean’ firmware.

I downgraded my BH16NS40 with the clean firmware and ended up losing the calibration data. How do I restore this data to recover the drive, as it does not read disk and only opens the tray?

IF you followed the instructions & dumped the original FW, you have 2 choices:

  • Flash the drive with the dump (leaves you where you started)

  • Use the ‘EEPROM Data Mover’ to transfer your calibration data from your dump to the ‘clean’ image.

Otherwise, dunno… you MAY be stuck with a brick.

Is the LG BU40N able to be crossflashed so to be useful with makemkv?