DOS Drivers for PX-716SA?

I’ve been trying to get my drive to work under Norton Ghost 2003, which requires DOS drivers to get it working.

I’m not sure if it’s more of an issue of being a SATA drive, but none of the generic CD-ROM drivers that come with Ghost seem to work. Does anyone know of any DOS drivers that work with the PX-716SA?

Also, if yours is working with Ghost and the standard drivers, would you let me know your hardware, maybe it’s a fluke with my hardware setup.

I’m using a GA-K8NXP-SLI with the PX-716SA on the Nforce4 SATA port.


Hi John–this drive does not work at all in DOS as far as I know. I have one bootable DOS system (along with Windows XP and Linux on the same PC) and it does not work with the 716SA. This is Windows 98 SE DOS, version 4.10.2222. In other words, the DOS that came with Windows 98 SE. I am using the standard oakcdrom.sys with MSCDEX, and MSCDEX will not assign the 716SA a drive letter. Serial ATA optical drives just aren’t supported in DOS, the same way many newer devices will not work with DOS. The only possible solution (other than using a PX-716A or other ATAPI/IDE drive instead!) would be if someone were to write a loadable DOS driver, which I am unaware exists.

norton ghost is doa they ahve a new product which takes active backups…

If the SATA drive works fine with the recording sw, check the Symantec site for info on compatibility and sw switches. There are some entries to get Ghost 2003 to work with SATA and Intel 865 chipsets. They have a number of kbase items listed. Maybe one is applicable.