DOS drive to SSD

:doh:Has anyone tried to clone a DOS OS to a SSD drive? I have a bowling scoring system that uses 486 computers with DOS as the OS. The hard drives are noisy and they skip when being written to. I have used Acronis 9.0 and Paragon in trying to clone the disc. Everything seems to be there but for some reason they will not boot when installed into the system. When they are in the machine we are cloning with they will boot. We did get one to clone and work,but only one. We have tried “X” Copy, Ghost and the above mentioned programs. Any help would be great.

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I haven’t got an answer for you, but you’ll probably get more informed responses in our SSD and hard drive forum, so I’m going to move your thread in there. I’ll leave a redirect in the Newbies so you can find it easily.

[QUOTE=DDGMDG;2585176] We did get one to clone and work,but only one.

Have you tried just making copies/clones of the one that works?

Try Clonezilla (

I haven’t had clonezilla produce a non-working clone yet.

EVEN on Win7 OS clones.