Dos burning

i’m using doscdroast to copy files to a cd in dos coz that’s my only choice left and i installed an aspi manager
it finds the cd-r but it says image.img is missing wat shall i do
i really need those files

If you are using CDCOPY then it will want to read a disc first, consisting of one track only and then it will ask for a blank disc. How are you trying to copy files from the disk to a CD?

im copying files from my hdd to my cd

>im copying files from my hdd to my cd

…yeah, I got that from your first post. How are you trying to do it? Pick a .bat file from the picture I grabbed.

I don’t understand why DOS burning is your only option, either.

im using file2cd.exe

i dont have another choice coz i need to format the hdd to reinstall windows coz the old one is down and i can only work in dos