DOS 6.22 drivers for CD-RW drives

Has anyone any info on, or knows the whereabouts of, DOS 6.22 (or ROMDOS) drivers for CD-RW drives. I don’t mean the standard CDROM reader driver, I want to be able to WRITE to a CD-RW using the DOS file system and have it readable on any PC. Reason is that I can then run my application - serial port (ASCII) to CD-RW (.txt file) - on a low cost embedded PC and already have the tools to do the job (C compiler and Comms drivers).
Thanks Hopeful

beats mee…
never come across this before…

any guru’s arround here…:confused:

You can get RomDos 6.22 from this site:

and here is the user guide

I’d try first. If you have Norton Ghost I think it will do a boot disk with DOS drivers on it. Good luck on the adventure.:smiley: