Doom9 finds Ripit4Me & FixVTS takedown culprit

I just posted the article Doom9 finds Ripit4Me & FixVTS takedown culprit.

According to this Doom9 report, it looks like Sony has been responsible for the takedown of RipIt4Me and FixVTS. Going by the documentation available online, Sony filed a…

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Please boycott these products and stick with DVD! :d

I am still boycotting these products and sticking with DVD! :wink: Not because of this incident, but because HD DVD and Blu-ray are both designed to take away our rights and make it almost impossible to play HD content on a computer. I’m voting NO with my wallet, at least for now.

Darn, this was the best software I’ve ever used too. Copied stuff nothing else could even try to.

I fully agree: “Please boycott these products and stick with DVD!” It really isn’t a big step forward to Blu-Ray anyway. Not like VHS to DVD. Vote with your wallet - keep buying DVD’s! Tell them where they can stick there Blu-Ray if they wish to take away your rights!

But then again , under the new proposed Spy Act 2007 in the US , one sub amendment will make the infamous SONY-BMG “Aries” Rootkit legal , and simultaneously erode the publics right to sue to prevent any US Corporation involved in the media industry from installing any type of malware or cripple ware in one’s home PC! Now that’s creates an interesting conundrum of duality where in one party a faceless company becomes superior in law to the victims of it’s greed ! What price the future? :r