Doom3 seems to be protected by Macrovision SafeDisc 3.20.022

I just posted the article Doom3 seems to be protected by Macrovision SafeDisc 3.20.022.

 First person shooter Doom 3  is probably the most anticipated game of 2004 and it seems that also the  distribution of the game in non official channels has been started. The game is  also in...
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i have a crack and im playing it right now :stuck_out_tongue:

[I]I have a crack and im playing it right now[/I] You lucky bastard!!! :B

Why do they have 2 diffrent people showing the same Pic?

cracks are illegal and you will end up banned if you talk out them on cdfreaks, it nearly hapened to me, HAMP i dnt no why 2 people are showing the same pic, i guess they ehere trying to show it as proof but they are identicle so there is no point, if you lookm at teh times down the side they are all the same!:stuck_out_tongue:

I hate Activision! Anyone here try True Crime on pc? Garbage. Now doom3 is a great looking game but find the key go to the door n survive in hell cause it"s gonna be dark? Makes the pretty colers go away after a while.Thats why I think FarCry Owns Doom as a Innovative Game

Doom3 is all right but too dark for my taste … What is the point of using very high resolution on expensive videocard if you cannot see anything . The story of research facility being overrun by monsters is also getting a bit long in the tooth. I hope Half-Life-2 will be out soon.

well i have the game but can’t play it yet first need to upgrade my pc, about that game being dark can’t you not just use a cheat to make it lighter? because i think that would be verry annoying if its to dark

Also gotta love the reports coming in that Doom3 will not run if you have any CD/DVD emulation software installed.