Well, i copied this with anydvd and clonedvd2 last tuesday, and it seemed that everything went fine, but the disc will not be read by set top dvd player, or dvd rom drives. <personal note taken to at least pop them in when they get done> The disc has the good ole macrovision ripguard splash screen or whatever you will call it. any word on it?

what media did you burn it to? media code can be found in the disc info tab of nero cd-dvd speed.

do the files that you ripped to your hard drive play correctly from there? if so then it’s not a protection issue…it has to be something wrong with your burning process.

also, what region is the disc? you probably won’t get a whole lot of help from US members for another day or so since R1, US version comes out tomorrow.

it is R1, i’ve been using RiData 16x and have yet to have a problem with them, and everythin i have only used the clonedvd2 process straight from the dvd <temp files>. attached are the ifo’s in zip

o, and sorry, dont have nero installed (77.8 KB)

welp, just redid the copy, and it works, so i’ll attribute that to my first bad disc :rolleyes: so Doom R1 released tomorrow is good to go anydvd and clonedvd2 :clap:

that’s a very old version of anydvd. why don’t you update to anydvd

also you don’t have t have nero installed to use cd-dvd speed. it’s actually a handy little tool. nothing to install. just a single executable file.

I understand from other forums that Doom can be decrypted using Dvdshrink alone, so apparently no added protection on it.

yea i downloaded the nero speed util, i just didnt have time before headin to work. i havent updated anydvd since i have yet to deal with dvds from outa the region, and as i understand thats what the most recent releases have been, mostly its the ‘if it aint broke dont fix it.’ but yea like the last guy and i had said, Doom R1 is good for backup, nothing new on it.