Doom the movie


I’ve been trying for a couple of days ro make a backup copy of Doom the movie with no success. I’ve followed serveral of the methods posted and yet I’am unable to copy this movie.

I have most of the tools mentioned Anydvd,CloneDVD2,DVD Decrypter Nero 7 and DVD Region+CSS. Tried serveral different types of media. I’ve spent way to much money doing this but I would still like to have the ability to backup movies.

Sony Vaio 3.2 1 Gig of memory

Any help for this lost soul?

What error are you recieving ? while ripping ? while burning ? you need to give more detalis .

No error while ripping but clonedvd2 gives me this error. A weite error has occurred, probably caused by bad media. The details contains this message.

WriteDVD 10 11 W2

This happens with any media that I have used thus far.

Memorex, Ridata, and Verbatim.

well verbs are pretty good media have you got the latest updated firmware for your burners ? my advice is either contact slysoft or download a trial of dvdfab or as I see nero try burning with something other than clone and see if the problems continue …

You shouldnt use ridata or memorex. They both have very bad quality dye. However for the program it is possible that it has become corrupt. Re install clonedvd2.

Possible any issues with the burner itself, or not using ultra dma (secondary ide controller setting)? I blamed every piece of software once, and in end was the crappy, and I do mean crappy, Madog burner! As far as bad media, even with some of the junk I’ve tried to write to, never failed to make a playable (well sort of) copy…however certainly resulted in a lot of breakup, ect as mentioned in previous posts.

I’ve checked on-line and there’s no firmware up-date for the SONY DVD RW DW-D22A

Try getting a copy of DVD Shrink. I have been able to copy every DVD so far…even ones that have the protection on them. It is a good program.