Doom Movie Is Being Made

No more speculations about a possible Doom movie: Film production company Universal Pictures announced on its website that the movie based on the popular first-person-shooter game recently has gone into production and will be released on August 5 next year.

Full Story Can Be Read @ TomsHardwareGuide

Will it be like the Mortal Kombat movies or Street Fighter. I personnal think the best movie would be Duke Nukem. Kick ass and chew bubblegum.

People are stealing my thoughts!!!:wink:

But the idea does sound intruiging. I wonder if they can capture the same type of experience it did with the Doom games?

lol…what’s next?

Well we did have ‘resident evil’ and ‘resident evil 2’ is out soon and plenty of games came from movies.Just hope the movie is as good as the game lots of blood!!!

“resident evil is out soon”? I thought i went to the cinemas 2 days ago to watch this film and i’m from australia too, but from vic…maybe sydney’s slow or you forgot it’s out…lol

Your right it is out i hadn’t noticed , only seen it advertized as coming soon on t.v. Give it a couple more weeks and it will be on dvd.

This movie will probably suck i mean have you ever seen a good movie based on a game?

Well from memory there aren’t that many Games to base an opinion on.

i remember mortal kombat, kewl film, although don’t think number 2 was any good. a while ago i saw a movie created from the game “house of the dead” and rented, it was a piece of trash…i guess most game movies are crap…street fighter…now my stomach is hurting…haha

resident evil?

LOL!! Duke Nukem r0x :bigsmile: it was the ONLY decent game I used to play on my old Pentium 75 MHz!! And it sometimes stuttered :smiley:

I’d love to see a movie based on that game! I haven’t seen resident evil the movie yet but will soon rent the DVD :a