Doom 3


got the game doom but having prob installing 1 disk ok asks for 2nd disk looking for data folder pak 000 pk4 but will not find, yet when u close install down and browse the cd the files are there any idea’s? :bigsmile:

Sounds like a dodgy disk, as mine installed fine.
I would return it to the store you bought it from and ask for a replacement.

I am having the same problem with disk 2

Yes, I recall hearing a couple of people with this problem.

is it a genuine disc or a backup?

I have NERO version
The problem that I am having is when I try to make a back-up CD, I get a error saying:
Can’t copy read only files.
Any idea how to copy a back-up disc?
Thank You

You’ll need some different software than that. NERO is used for pre-mastering. What you’d need is something that will copy the disc in nearly it’s original state (what we call a 1:1 backup). If you like you can take a read of my guide to get you on the right track. Just click the link in my sig.

Good Luck!