Doom 3 runs slow?

I’ve got a back up of Doom 3 but it runs really slowly when loading. I’ve had trouble with this before and someone told me to copy the files to the installation folder. Would this help it run faster and if so what are the files that I would copy over?

It’s not loaded on my PC anymore, but I think Doom3 copies all the data to your hard disc already.
Try defragmenting your hard disc, that might help.

There is a way but it will take a shitload of HDD space. Go into your doom 3>base folder and find the pak000.pk4 file, right click and select open or open with. When the list of programs comes up select winzip (or other zip program) untick always use this program and hit ok. Then extract the contents into your Doom 3>base folder, You can do it to the rest of your pakXXX.pk4 files if you want.
one thing though is if you play it online you will probably get booted from a few games with pure server/client error

What Is your system specs. GFX card, Ram, ext. It could be out dated hardware.