Doom 3 causes massive P2P activity

I just posted the article Doom 3 causes massive P2P activity.

On the German IT-News’s site we found an article indicating that Doom 3 has been causing massive P2P-activity. As expected, before the actual launch of Doom 3,…

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Well… DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH x 50 ! Anytime a massively-popular genre-setting game is released it will cause people to take notice and want it. Both DOOM3 and the upcoming HL2 will cause this although I think HL2 will be more massive as people are just finding out how over-hyped and underwhelmed they are with DOOM3. DOOM3 is allll game engine as the current release is all Gfx/Sound yet boring-as-shiet on gameplay. Now, when the COOP MP hack comes out… And all those user-created mods ans such… Yum! :stuck_out_tongue:

Doom 3 proved that BitTorrant (while still the best form of P2P) isn’t as perfect as claimed Ideally in BitTorrent, the more people that are downloading a file, the faster it goes for everybody and while on paper thats true. But it still took me 2 days to download all 1.7 gigs when my connection is can go upto 350K/sec. Still BitTorrent is the best/fastest P2P method and I’m not knocking it. Just pointing out that the model isn’t as perfect as some said. Oh, of course I deleted Doom 3 after I got it, just had to verify that it was really a leak :wink:
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Well I see Doom 3 server hacks already coming out so it won’t be long before the underground community get together some kind of online shizzle.

This was anyway widely known - Everyone in the P2P world was asking in Forums and the likes, when Doom 3 would come out. Everyone went into a frenzy with the E3 Preview and when the news hit that Doom 3 was gold. Every downloader was sitting at the PC day and night just waiting to pounce once it came. That being said, I really do think a lot of people are going to buy this even though they downloaded it. Hey, it has to go into the all-time collection. I anyway think that P2P applications can be a good thing for marketing purposes. I’ve bought CDs from Bands I never heard of, ALL because I downloaded the Music and got to know their stuff. Without P2P theys wouldn’t have seen a cent from me…

That doesn’t surprise me. Many people (at least here in Germany) have only very limited upload for their broadband access. Many people here have a download speed of 768kbit/sec or even 1MBit/sec while upload is stuck at 128. :r And you can only download data that other people upload to you.

They should distribute the game over P2P not just in stores. It’s on there anyway but only illegal copies are available. Why not use a system in place. They should sell the online version at a reduced cost and then the retail version if more expensive could have some added content or perks.
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why pay when you can have it for free?

Because if not enough people pay, sales for the game will be crap and you can kiss any possibility of DOOM IV goodbye.

I will buy it once it’s out … I don’t do this often, but ID Software definitely deserves their share. All I hope for is that I can get a non-crippled full-violence version in germany … :B

Bit torrent is good, but when ther’es 10 seeds and 50,000 peers you really can’t expect much :slight_smile:

I have already pre-ordered at my local store. I don’t use to buy so many games these days but DOOM3 deserves a place in my collection.
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why pay when you can have it for free?
Because the developers deserve that, I dont have the game(to slow pc and i hate 2p2) but the ingame movies i have seen like on Game informer made me drewl on my keyboard. Only thing ID software can do now is do damage control with bringing this game faster out. Befor the offical store dates, But i think correct i know for sure the real fans will buy this great look and inoventing game in the stores.

i dont oppose people dowloading it as long as when the officual release comes out they a) buy it or b) delete it if you are a true doom fan that are using the download as a “demo” then i suppose its ok. but if you have no intention of ever buying it then i think you should delete it. ps i think the same will happen with half-life 2 :B cant wait for that one:B

i hope doom3 rocks. and doesnt destroy my rig :smiley: hl2 will sell for the same reason hl1 did - the multiplayer. with the possibility of using the hl2 engine on hl1 mods, they already have the largest # of online players before the game hits.

Exactly. And with most people disconnecting as soon as they get what they want, it hurts even more. You just need to find a good bittorrent community, that has ratio rules.

Seen D3 - nothing to Yell about. (I’m comparing to best FPS game so far - Far Cry). Far Cry is a good_game for 15-20hrs, D3 is a Very dark game with no New Features whatsoever:( I.E. Very Bad/boring Levels. PS. I’m not HL2-optimized person either, let’s see what HL2 can provide?

“Seen D3 - nothing to Yell about.” I agree.Took me 9 hours on BT to download it and I’m not very happy about it.I like games with or without monsters but bright light not this rusty underground place.If I like a game I’ll buy it but first I want to see it like an audio or a DVD preview.This game is a totally waste of time.Too much noise for nothing.

i prefer Painkiller, graphics are not the only thing that matters in a game. doom 3 is a good game , just that.

hl2 will sell for the same reason hl1 did - the multiplayer.
I have some bad new for you then m8, HL2 will not have a mutliplayer but instead you will get CS Source for free. Thats good old CS on HL2 engine. Little fucked up aint it??