Doom 3 Can Be Palyed Without Any Emulation Or Cd-crack. Help Please!



Someone on CDClone Forum Says he produced a workin copy of Doom 3 with Plextor Premium.

This is obsurd as i have a Plextor Premium, and the guy who posted dat his copy worked without any emulation or CD-Crack, is either liyin or has mis-calculated. As he specificly said the way he copied it. I did the exact same and produced a CD needin some emulation (hide CD media/Ignor Media). But it has no CD-Check;

Sometimes disablin CD-Check confuses it and it will work, but not because it has a CD-Check but because it can read it better, even if its a none workable copy. This sounds more like ‘bad sectors emulation’ to make my copy work? As it has no CD Check, but is just a bad Safe Disc 3, copy?

But he is definetly right sayin there is no CD check, as i used Protection ID scanner and found no CD check in the .EXE, only in ‘demo32’ file which is not Doom 3 game related or related with the launch of the game or .EXE. The file is related to ‘AutoRun’ I think it launchs the game Doom 3 start menu in windows . It is not used when u actually run Doom 3 the game, where I get ‘insert Correct CD’ error (reason why it doesnt play).

Can please someone tell me how 2 copy the play CD, Safdisc 3.
As protection is becoming more severe to beat, with different version number thus sophistication. My Plextor Premium just doesnt cut the mustard anymore, it copied all the Safedisc 1/2 and the early Safedisc 3 and Secure Rom 3/4/5 perfectly. But now its strugglin.

What u suggest? I have upgraded firmware. How do i copy Doom 3, Clone Cd better or try Blindwrite 5 to be preciser? (even though its crap at Safe disc).

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Making a working copy with a Plex Prem is easy, just get a Lite-on dvd rom drive to run it from and it should be ok.


I made a working copy with my lite on. merther is correct, just need a pure reader. Works fine on a generic CD-Rom.


Sorry but this is definitely not true.
Look at this thread:



You might need to Hide Media if you run from a drive that reads ATIP. Otherwise you can run it from any plain ole reader.


I did everthyin right with Alcohol and still it didnt work. What do u mean, i use another program?

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I dont wann it 2 work on a DVD-rom (no CD check). I wann it 2 work like its the original on CDR drive, its a challenge. Like i said there is no cd-check, so it wont make a difference.

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Well generally in this post there sayin, even Liteons mostly cant copy it. Some guy went throught all the trouble of updatin every device, hardware, drivers, motherboard drivers etc. Still didnt make a difference.

The consensus is mixed.

Someone said may need Alcohol update?

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As mentioned: there are several users out there - especially in the Alcohol forum - who were able to make a working backup of SD 3.20.022 using the 832S.
For me, it is definiteliy impossible to backup this version with THE SAME drive, although I tried everything (including the installation of the drive in another computer; see link above). And I have the newest version of Alcohol 120%. Mounting the image is no problem, but as soon as i burn it, it doesnt work any more.


As said before, its impossible to work in a CDR without hide cdr media, part of th eprotection is a check for ATIP info, this is of course possibly in any cdr or cdrw drive,a nd even some rare plain ole optical drives as well.


So u sayin all games with any protection have a CD-Check? I have copied many games with Secure Rom & Safedisc versions, all work find in CDR Writer drive, as there is NO CD-check on the CD just the protection.

Please explain?

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Hey all. When making a backup copy of Doom 3, disk 1 - Should I be using a CDR or a DVDR? As I understood it, a CDR should be good, right?


Yes, if you have the cd version of doom, cd 1 should be backed up onto a cd-r.


Thanks my friend!


Doom 3 can be copied 100% with Blindwrite, I know, cause I did it, and, I also copied all the CD´s to 1 DVD as my “original” backup. And, check this file for CD-Check “DOOM 3.MSI”.


Ohhh, my bad, I meant “DOOM 3.MSI” is one of the files that needs to be replaced when converting the game from CD´s to DVD


Any one gonna answer my question?

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Have you tried Blindwrite Tweaker?

I am going to test this game out and I will let you know if it is possible to make a copy with the Plextor Premium or not. I would be surprised if I couldn’t make a copy because it would be the very first game I couldn’t copy with the Premium.


I tried to make a copy with the Plextor Premium and was not successful. I tried using Blindwrite Tweaker and I tried about 6 different ways of doing it and I ended up with 6 coasters. Sorry but it seems like the Plextor Premium has finally ran into a game it couldn’t copy. I seriously doubt that anyone else is having better luck with any other cd burners either though. I think for right now this game is just un-copyable. That sucks! Time for a firware update for the plextor I think. Either that or a software update from blindwrite or alcohol. Give it some time and someone will figure it out.


believe me - it WORKS (even with some Plextor Premiums, e.g. for ME it worked flawlessly!!!)
I don’t like these Newbie’s telling: ah, this game is just uncopieable, because I didn’t make a successfull backup…
As you could find in these forums using the search (or just reading latest posts about safedisc 3.20) it is absolutely hardware-dependant if you can copy it or not.

You can buy the same burner 10 times, and 3 of them will give you a good / playable backup and the others will fail!

Maybe not everybody can backup SD3.2 any more, but it is definitely NOT uncopyable…

PS: I do copy SD with my Plex Prem as writer, my Toshi (see Signature) as Reader using Alcohol 120%…