Doom 3 and Temple of Elemental Evil

I have purchased both of these games and have tried many different methods, listed here to back them up. Yes I can use the emulation to play, but I rather actually have a full working disk.
I’ve tried pretty much all the SD 2/3 methods, including the Alcoholer SD 2.9x method. I used cloneCD to read then alcohol to write. The rip plays fine in Alcohols “drive”.
Which brings me to ToEE, I can’t even use that in the Alcohol emulated drive. I’ve used the method including using BWA’s.

Both games just hang when I attempt to play with a back-up. I do have the hide cd-rw checked in alcohol and even tried letting CloneCD do it. I think it possible could be my media. I have been using a Verbatim CD-RW and Imation CD-rs.

I have Gigabyte 7-VAXP, AMD 2800, 1 gig ram, XP, Nu-tech DDW-081, Lite-on 52327S. Alcohol 120% latest, and Clone CD My lite-on has the latest firmware version from lite-on.

Thanx in advance for any help.

Your drive will struggle with sd3.2x backups with no emulation.
Your best bet is to play from a lite-on dvd rom, with no emulation.

Thanx, that’s what I was my fear. Do you think a generic HP DVD-Rom might do better at reading with no emulation than my two RW’s?

Only way to know for sure is to try it out - just make sure you use a cd-rw disc so as to avoid wasting discs. But the latest liteon DVD-Rom drive will give you the best chance as they are most tolerant of safedisc bad sectors.

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DVD rom readers cannot read ATIP, burners can. You have a better chance of a working copy if you cannot read the atip of the backup. Lite-on dvd roms are best for safedisc.

ok i have a question (maybe its a newbie question i dont know) in the securom 3 successes and non-succeses thread alot of people recomended using CD-RW to copy the game to, is this simply to avoid wasting CD-Rs or is there anything better about CD-RWs, i thought if you use them in a reader that can not read ATIP then it makes no difference, could somone please explain :bow:, thanks, ben :slight_smile:

Yes for “safedisc” 3, some bad sectors which cannot be written onto a cd-r with great reliability, can be more successfully burned onto a cd-rw. The technical explanation is on this forum somewhere but using a cd-rw will help your chances in creating a backup.