Doom 3 and DVD ROM

Like many I am suffering in trying to make a working back up of Doom 3. I read with interest that the problem may be more in the reading of the disc than the writing with recomendation of using a Liteon 166s for best results. Have enquired around today about purchasing one with no joy. Are later drives providing good reading results for SD 3.2 or other brands? The Liteon HD 1670 is readily avalable here. Had to disable all Emulation to play my original disc, in particular Clone Cd. Had similar difficulties with Far Cry but had to completely remove Daemon Tools from my computer before I could even look at it. Would love to read more about peoples experiences with SD 3.2 and how they are overcoming it.

i can backup sd 3.2 titles including sc:pt and doom 3 using my asus 5224A to read at 4x and either that to burn (however takes longer to verify) or using my liteon 52327S.

Works in my liteon 166s and an old creative 52x rom.

However dvd backup is a completely different story and at present there is no real way to back it up, without the use of emulation.

The best way is to make a image and burn it in alcohol 120% at 4x,or lower, your choice. Play from a lite-on dvd rom with emulation checked in alcohol 120% (safedisc) and you should be ok.