Doom 3 + alcohol 120 + lite-on = no

ok, i dont know if its this drive, cause i never tried backing up my games with this drive, i’ve had sevral lite-on drives and in my last pc i had a 4x dvd-r and it backed up halo fine,
but my newer 8x DVDR dual format lite-on dont seem to back up doom 3.

Drive model - S0HW-8125 Dual format DVDR 8x

i’ve made 2 attempts so far, one with the settings un-touched, read at 4x , burn at 4x (its burned at 8x though). 2nd attempt was with safedisc 2/3 settings read/write at 4x (also burned at 8 though).

i have they game installed off the original, but i tryed using the copys for playing it (disc 1 ) and both discs it basicly shows the small doom screen and never starts the game.

whats wrong? can anyone tell me how to do this?

It’s hit and miss with liteons i’m afraid (for safedisc 3.20). However, try reading and writing at 4x with the safedisc profile, not 2/3. Do you have any other drives available to you?

i have no other drives, i could maybe barrow one…

so i should try regualar safedisc settings then?

I have the following LiteOns: 811S DVD-RW, 52327S CD-RW, 832S DVD-RW and the 163-DVD.
I tried already everything, and was NOT able do do a working backup from Safedisc 3.20.022 (doom 3). Although there are users out there who were able to make a working backup with the 832S!! What I did:

  • Read/write at different speeds and with different settings (Safedisc 2/3, Safedisc) with Alcohol.
  • Read with CloneCD, write with Alcohol (as written elswhere as THE solution for Safedisc 3.20.022)
  • read (make image) with all of my drives
  • updated Firmware, downgraded firmware of my 832S
  • installed the 832S to another computer
  • updated the chipset drivers of mainboard
  • updated the mainboards BIOS
  • before image creation process, start the game with the original CD, play for a while and THEN do the image (as stated elswhere as THE method of backing up safedisc 3.20.022)
  • configure the 832S as master, configure the 832S as slave
  • write on 2 different brands of CD-R and on 3 different brands of CD-RW
  • updae ASPI drivers

About 20-30 times I got a coaster so far (most of them on CD-RW :))


Backing up Safedisk 3.20.022 is NOT ONLY hardware dependent. There seem to be, in addition, some very strange reasons why in some systems it works, in others not.
I also read in some threads that with the Plex Premium it is very easy to backup this SD version. In other threads/forums I read from peaple who got crazy with their Plex Premium producing only coasters. The same is true for LG drives…
So far there is no general accepted way to backup safedisc 3.20.022!
For more information you can have a look at the Safedisc 3.20.022 thread in the alcohol soft forum.

Ok I’m a newbie here my drive is a sony in this PC, building a new one w/lite-on, but in the mean time I used the demo version of ultra ISO made an image of doom, than mounted it on my Alcohol 120% virtual drive, works fine. I’ve heard many reports that CD-Clone does the trick. I just didn’t want another one at the moment.

Dude … the last post in this thread was almost 2 years ago …
And the problem isn’t generally with READING copy protected CD’s … the problem is writing them.