Donut CDs

Look what I came across:

Those CDs are missing the whole inner ring-thingie!

Taiyo Yuden CD-R 80 min., - (100 Spindle) $38.00
80 minutes/ 700M - Recordable CD - works in all recorders except consumer CD recorders [obviously!] - please refer to your owners’ manual. Spindle of 100, blank shiney surface Green or modified cyanine dye and silver reflective layer; bottom of disk appears silver-blue. (Price per disc equals $0.38)

Any info on these? I’m curious.

Where the heck can the drive clamp down on then :stuck_out_tongue:

This apparently is the old Taiyo Yuden screw cap cakebox, but as the resolution is so low I can’t recognize much.
The CD-R are not different from today’s CD-R though (except for the hub code not being round but straight).

This is one of the old screw cap TY cakeboxes:

But what’s the point of these CDs? Why were they made?

These particular CD-R were made to avoid the extra copyright levy/tax which has to be paid for [I]CD-R which can be used with consumer CD recorders[/I] (also called [B]CD-R for Audio[/B]). You can use them in normal CD burners. Consumer CD recorders are the cheaper standalone CD recorders, some more expensive standalone CD recorders do record on normal CD-R not specially flagged for audio.

They are NOT mechanically different from other CD-R except for the packaging, and they do have a hole. I haven’t heard of a CD without hole ever made by any company, let alone Taiyo Yuden (who are generally very conservative with introducing new types of media into their product line), as (what you already implied) it won’t make any sense.

If you don’t believe me, feel free to contact the company selling those discs to ask them about these discs, as I don’t have any of those :wink:

  • The holes of Taiyo Yuden media are indeed tighter than the holes of some other media (if you don’t believe me just grab a jewel or slim case and try it out with one TY and one CMC disc), but this is a different topic.