Don't You Hate It

Have to agree with the Spyware. It’s the exact reason I hardly browse the web anymore. If you want Internet rants I could give you a ton. Although my biggest pet peeve at the moment is Blockbuster Video Online - don’t even get me started on that topic - I could rant for hours! :bigsmile:

sex pop-ups, when u use yahoo’s messenger’s chat feature

you spend awhole day working on programming and get nothing done
[me experienced that today, Java…pissing me very very off] :frowning:

When you are out in public at a restaurant, grocery store, convenience store, etc, and you hold the door for someone and they don’t even acknowledge it, as if it is your job to hold the door for them.

When you buy somthing and lost/brake it in 10 mins :a


You’re mastubating and your mom barge in your room without knocking. :a

When installing something:

time remaining 1sec

10mins later:

time remaining 1sec

WTH??? how can it be so wrong.

when people expect you to be happy all the dang time…or never have a bad day

To have to ask someone for something that is rightly yours and owed to you (money, etc…)

Always lock the door … lesson no. 1. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, sucks balls :frowning:

Right now, I’m not feeling the best, but of course I can’t show that to people, otherwise I’m suddenly an “attention seeker”. Never understood that. I don’t even tell people stuff. If I look down, LEAVE ME ALONE. That’s how I work.

Anybody else similar?

When you have to “put down” one of your Pets as I just did an hour ago. :sad:

sorry meanderer.

I hate when i’m driving down the road and there is a splattered skunk just laying around, once you drive by it the smell imediatly fills your car windows up or down doesn’t matter, and god forbid you run over one of those nasty suckers, but then someone had to run that smelly fucker over hehe

“Sounds like someone is having a case of the Mondays” - Office Space

I hate it when my computer locks up for no reason at all. It did that to me today twice, once in the middle of burning a data DVD so I coastered that one. The next time while installing Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed. I think my power supply is giving up on me. :frowning:

That’s one of the worst things I ever had to do. :sad:

Sorry to hear Meanderer … was it because of sickness?

Don’t ya hate it when people turn a thread topic into their OWN …chat thread…lmao ( oops guilty of doing that) but i know it does get annoying

I hate it when beautiful gorgeous women don’t live in The Netherlands.

I hate guys from the Netherlands that attempt to sweet talk beautiful women who live in America into leaving…:frowning: