Don't You Hate It

well…the topic tells it all…i have a few of my own, but i found this interesting one…so i’ll use this one as a start…

When people stand up from their seats before the train has stopped just in case they miss their station, therefore falling into their neighbourn when the train jerks to a halt?

Thank god I don’t use the train anymore … have used it for a few years though … and yes I hate it.

oh i can tell you one thing i hate…is when someone after being told its annoying …uses the word WOT…for what…!!!

j/k vdk…
really i’m not but it sounds good didnt’ it…almost had myself fooled…

and hun its WHAT!!!

I don’t know if there is anything that REALLY annoys me to the point of hatred. Some things are quite vexing, others cause no end of frustration.

If I let myself, then I’m quite sure I could hate a very large amount of happenings, but I cant see the point.

Personally I find it much easier to deal with things that cause such a large mass of negative emotions by a varied amount of outbursts of creativity. Dancing, poetry, listening to music that conveys more that I could put into words through it’s song and the emotions carried in the tunes.

oh i can tell you one thing i hate…is when someone after being told its annoying …uses the word WOT…for what…!!!

lol…hehehe…i always laugh at you for that…wot did u say? kidding… :bigsmile:

anyhoo, ppl keep posting…

when clueless people step out of a store/restaurant/building and stand in the middle of a crowded sidewalk looking around as if he/she is the only one on said sidewalk.

  • People who ask for omnipotence. Example: “Where’s Pete?” “I dunno” “Why not?”

  • People who expect help on items which are not your line of field/knowledge, but since you do “something in computers”, you should be able to help them. Example: “How do i mount a software raid in linux?” “How the hell should i know?” “Aren’t you a computer geek?” “Yes, now fuck off”

  • People who expect you have a good mood constantly.

  • People who think you have only one type of mood for 24 hours. If i’m angry at some person for some thing that doesn’t automacially mean i hate all other people in the same building and/or on all subjects.

  • Machines/Computers/Electronic Devices that expect i will treat them nicely/according to specs because it says to in the manual. Machines are on this earth to help ME, not the other way around.

  • People who want to pay nothing for quality products, so they buy cheap crap items and start complaining when it breaks down.

When your toddler has a tantrum in the middle of town and people (usually people that resemble the end of a penis) insist on sniggering, staring etc,

When they sample a good old song with hip hop and rap…

When people want your advice but dont give you time to think about what you want to say.

Goodie two shoes that think that they are Gandi. I have the right to be pissed off, so stay out of the way.

Stuck up people that look down at other people, who the hell do they think they are?

People that are a part of a group that are working on the same project that just sit around exspecting that the rest of the team do the work for them.

People that get rewarded for doing nothing. If you are too lazy to chip in, then you should get shit.

People that block the entire aisle at the grocery store by standing beside their cart in the middle of the aisle, when the aisle is three carts wide.

oh yeah one more

people who choose to have a cell phone conversation in a nice resturant…right next to you …i feel as though i was part of the call…after all he was yelling into his phone every 2 seconds saying…can you hear me…i wanted so bad to say hell yeah we ALL hear you…go outside for crying out loud…we know you own a phone…whooo piieeee…so does most 10 year old kids…

I know it was my fault but:

When I was at a play and my moblie went off. AARGH! This was the one time I left it on, and I had to get a text! And then to top it off, about half an hour later, when I had obviously switched it off, the attendant came over to me to have a moan!

When you buy somthing then find 2 weeks later the same thing is half price

Good example is:

I bought a LiteON LTR-52246S (ages ago, when it was nearly new, see my first post on CDF) for £55 then about a month later my dad got one for £35 or less. :frowning:

Amen to that, also the people who look at you as it is YOUR fault your kid threw him/herself on the floor screaming.

(BTW for any non-parents reading, a child taking a tantrum is not a cast iron sign that the kid is spoilt. Sorry had to get that one off my chest)

It really pee’s me off lol when FeFiFoFum comes in chat an i dont know who he is then parts with <FeFiFoFum> Love you long time Norty. Speak again soon.

I really hate that to. :iagree:

I hate it when things don’t work even if you tried absolutely everything to get it to work. And if it works, it sucks. Linux distros are pretty good examples.

Spyware, so much SPYWARE!

Getting “searched” on your way out from Fry’s / BB / Costco etc., like the assumption is the customers are all potential criminals. I always just breeze right by without making eye contact, or else I’ll say “no thanks” and keep walking. Be careful at Costco though- they’re real pricks about that. Guess it’s part of the agreement you sign as a member.