Don't use Visa Gift Cards to pay

I had hoped to use the Visa Gift Card to purchase the ANYDVD. I checked and double checked. I got some kid on customerservice who was adamat that you could use the VISA Gift Card to purchase online overseas. So I went to CVS Pharmacy and bought their Vanilla Visa Gift Card. Thats all they had. Nothing on the outside of the package contradicted what I was told on the phone. I opened my package looked at the card and the info paper that came with it and read that to use card for internet purchases I must go online and register with name and addrfess. Fine. BUT THEN there it was, the infomation that said I CANNOT USE THE CARD FOR INTERNATIONAL PURCHASES ONLINE. Naturally I am ticked off but why should I be. At my age I should know by now that these companies seldom know what the other hand is doing. :a
Don’t try protecting yourself by useing the VISA Gift card on international purchases.

Thanks for the heads up old.katz. That information will help us in the future.

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