Don't understand why most DVD Burners only S-Video or component Input

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New here but have searched the post and have not found a post like the question I have, which is: Why do most DVD burners only have S-video or component inputs instead of HDMI? Does it matter? Isn’t HDMI the highest resolution? I have programs in HD recorded on my cable DVR and would like to copy them to DVD and not lose the HD image.

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You means DVD Recorders. There are DVD players that have HDMI connectors and the players upsample to HDTV 720p/1080i specs. I guess the same idea would be possible with a DVD recorder when playing back content from a built-in hdd or a disc on the player. I’ve never looked for one. As far as true HD recording that’s coming.

HDMI will show it’s true use when it’s used to protect Blu Ray / HDDVD to HDTV content. The next generation DVD players will use HDMI with HDCP (HD copy-protection) but the HD video will only play on newer HDTV’s with HDMI. If you own an older set with a DVI connector you will not be able to play full spec HD from an HDMI equiped player device even with the HDMI>DVI conversion connector. Those how bought early versions of HDTV may be very disappointed. If it plays at all it will be at lower resolutions only.
That’s why I waited to make sure before buying a set. Some stores still had old style DVI equiped HDTV on sale even as little as a few months ago. I haven’t looked lately though.

Gumshoe99 thanks for the great reply! Very helpful

The entire purpose of the HDMI standard is to restrict access to the digital stream so that it will only connect and ‘handshake’ with other HDMI hardware…to prevent perfect COPYING of that digital stream (all other outputs from any DVD player are converted into analog before they leave the player).

So you will NEVER see an HDMI input on any DVD recorder since it would defeat the very purpose of HDMI, they will never license such a thing .