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I have a HP 300n ext. 4x burner and a sony dru 710a burner and when i
burn a dvd in the hp it will play on anything i got. when i burn in the sony it will not play in my daughters Mintek dvd player but in any thing else. Has anyone had this problem before? Can write speed make a difference in wether it will play in one player and not another?

Thanx: Figg

Try 2.4X burn.

From personal experience, I can tell you that SONY burners are very picky as to how they burn on different kinds of media. I still have a thirty day old SONY burner that died on me, but that’s another story…as you know, Mintek players are usually very good at playing ANYTHING, regardless of format or media, so the fact that your Mintek can’t play it isn’t a good sign. I would go with the previous poster’s advice and reduce your burning speed, but also check what media you are using in other forums, like vdc help, to see about compatibility issues. and, If I were you, I would buy Pioneer next time.

Thanx for the help but is there anything you could do to make the Mintek play dvd’s from the Sony burned at higher speeds.

Tanx again

Try a better media.

That Sony is set up to burn at region 2 I think…
Try different media +r -r

Iam using +r media. I am going to try -r and see if that helps.


Hey!!! I used -r media and that solved my problem.