Don't understand how PI can be so low (1673S)



Here’s the thing. I had a SOHW-1633S BS0K. Burnt many discs with it. Used Kprobe2 to do scans at 4x, and also Nero’s CD-DVD Speed disc quality test. The scans were very similar in both programs. Basically with my spindle of Sony 8x DVD-R’s, I’d get PI max around 100 or so, and PIF max around 2 or 3. Generally quite good, but the PI’s would be higher at the beginning (sometimes over 100) but then stabilize around 20 to 40ish.

So I swapped the 1633s with a new 1673S, flashed firmware to JS05. But now my Kprobe scans show much lower PI’s, like max 50 to 60, and sometimes the PIFs are higher, like average 1 to 2 but then a spike of up to 4 or 5.

Is the 1673S that much better, or is it the firmware, or what? I didn’t expect the drive to be much different from the 1633S.


is this scans of the same dvd or scans of a new burned dvd?
in any case the 1673s is a better burner and a better reader.


With my 1673s, I get PIs at no more than about 30 max (often the whole disc will be under 20 max), and I’ve never seen a PIF over 2 max. I use TY DVD+R media at 8x. The results you are getting are good and almost certainly correct – don’t be concerned :slight_smile:


Maybe liteon did some laser tweak in 1673s firmware. I guess you should try burning a disc using JS05 and scan with BS0K to confirm whether it just read better or together with burning improvement

Someone said 1633 can’t be crossflashed to 1673s. Is it wrong?? I should try my 1213s :slight_smile:


No, the 1673s has different hardware than the 1633s and below.


O! I just missed the first part of this statement. Raddygast swapped the drive before flashing :cool:

Or it should be 1673s has different hardware from 1653s and below. :slight_smile:


Ok guys, my confusion continues. I’ve posted this in a couple other threads already, so sorry if I’m repeating myself, but this is directly relevant to this thread’s discussion.

It looks like the read strategy is different in JS05. I scanned a disc I burned in JS02 (and had scanned in JS02) – that disc, burned and scanned under JS02, gave me very similar results to what I was getting in my 1633S BS0K.

But I just now scanned it in JS05 and the results are totally different – and in line with the new discs I’ve recently burned in JS05. Basically the difference is that the PI max drops from a little over 100 to 50-60. And the PIF max climbs to 3 or 4 or even 5! It also gets very clumpy towards the end of the disc.

Here’s what I mean. The very last one shows clumpy PIFs. The first two are the same disc scanned under diff’t firmware. Should I be worried? Wonder if I should try flashing back to JS02…


do a CDspeed transfer test which i found the most reliable to test jitter and to ensure good playback LOL

just my 2 cents


u should have turned ur 1633 into the 1653 cstj or csok

why would u turn it into a 1673 when its not the same hardware, to each there own tho i guess


Misunderstanding here. I had a 1633S. I switched it to another computer and put in a brand-new 1673S. The 1633S had BS0K. The 1673S had JS02. I flashed JS02 -> JS05.


yea, my bad, mis read it lol

but u should turn ur 1633 into a 1653 CSOK or CSTJ :slight_smile:


i think he doesn’t need his 1633s anymore as he has a 1673s now.


don’t even have it anymore – swapped it for the 1673s


I looked at your other post, and ALL of the scans looked good to me. You should remember that scans will vary – you can scan the same disk twice in a row (same drive, same firmware, same everything) and your results will be different. Running other programs while you are scanning can make a significant difference as well.

If I were you, I would be quite happy with the results that you are getting with your 1673.