Don't try this at home

YSS tried to turn his ND-3520A into a 3530A:

He ended up killing the drive :bigsmile:

LOL,last few words are really humoristic.
Prayerful guy.^^

Could someone tell me in short what is in that text? I can’t understand it (japanese, korean or what it is)…

I think I know why the flash failed though… Look at the pics, Windows Millenium… :wink:

while that is possible, it is much more likely that the flash failed because the two drives use different hardware and the firmware was incompatible. this most likely is evidence that the 3520 and the 3530 are different drives after all.

I know of someone else who also tried converting his 3520 to a 3530. After flashing his drive started making strange noise too, but with a modified version of Binflash, he was able to flash his drive back to a 3520 and it seems to work again.

YSS also lastly successfully recuperated his 3520. :bigsmile:

I try too. My 3520 is die. :sad: Do you have the modified version of Binflash?..

Thank You very much.

Liggy, I hope you can help him.

I solved it in pure Dos with nec3530a.exe and the 3520’s firm but modifing the last bytes ( K352 > K353 ) :wink:

Great to hear :slight_smile:

I would have helped him, but I somehow missed his request. :rolleyes: