Don't try 812S@1213S

I’ve read that 832s@1213s was impossible, but as I am too curious, so I tried that .
I put 1213s T208 firmware on my 812s@832s drive and… it died.
So, as code65536 wrote some threads ago, this is impossible. Don’t try it.

Luckily I was able to make drive alive again with mtkflash.
Thanks A LOT to dhc014 for creating that software :bow:

MTKFLASH really rocks!:wink:

Yep. Both C0deKing and I tried and we had to each recover our drives with MtkFlash. We never expected it to work, but knowing us, we couldn’t accept “no” unless we actually tried. Now that there are 3 failed attempts, I hope that people will now quit trying. :wink:

Actually, MtkFlash is a tool leaked out MediaTek. Many drive manufacturers that use Mtk (like BTC or Artec), instead of just writing their own flash tools, simply have their users use MtkFlash program, which is how it went from an internal tool to a public tool rather easily. According to MtkFlash, Joseph Lin wrote it. dhc014 is just the person hosting the files and how-to guide. :wink:

BTW, I changed the title of the thread. When I first read “Terrific experience,” my thought was, “What? Someone got it to work??”

Starting from the end…

ahahahahah :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s the way. :cool:

Thanks for guide and hosting then. My drive is only 2 week years old and didn’t want to buy a new one.

Well my first day on this forum was “exciting” :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I’ll wait for your answer on the <a href=“”>Strategy swapping </a> thread (where I presented myself to the forum… some minutes before the “crazy flashing” :stuck_out_tongue: ).


I tried to flash my 812S with 1213S (firmware ver TS08) and it made my drive totally dead. It does not get detected in BIOS when the system is booting up and the eject button doesnt respond as well. I tried to use MTKFLASH with the parameters as specified “MTKFLASH 3 W /B US05.bin” but I get an error saying the port is not initialized, please reboot.

Please guide me as what to do as my drive is not functioning at all.


poor anis. though thx for the info dude ill stick with my 812s@700a. dual layer is better than 12x burn anyway ^^.

Hmm you can try to buy a new one. This method works perfectly !

That said, you can try :
As your drive is not detected in bios, put a working one in Secondary Master (That is port Number 3) Just before using Mtkflash, swap the working one with the dead one (sorry really) and pray and launch Mtkflash.

You can also try other ide port. Don’t forget to put your drive’s jumper into correct position (Not cable Select, either Master or slave)

Double check the version on Mtkflash too, you must use the correct version as some earlier versions didn’t worked with dvd writer.

Hmm did I mention that you can also buy another one, it’s a fair solution, you’ve played and you’ve lost (well try the above methods first)


No need to buy a new drive or to play with your ide cables. Just press ESC (or whatever when bios hangs looking for the device) boot with dos floppy (if you want to use mtkflash) and use mtkflash.

Alternatively use mtkwinflash (no need to boot in Dos) that you can find here

Hope you solve your problem
Let us know :slight_smile:

MtkWinFlash will not work here.

MtkFlash. Try all the suggestions here:

If it still doesn’t work, try the recovery in a different computer.

My answer was there to say that if you try something that could render your driver useless, it’s fair to buy another one and not try to rma it. And my advices were for using MtkFlash after a first failure. I assume that he use dos.

Hi again guys, I tried everything as you people told me but nothing still. It seems to me that the drive is totally dead. When people say that there drive died and they revived it using mtkflash what state is the drive in? Like mine doesn’t even respond to the eject command or doesn’t get detected at all.

I opened up the drive and found one of the chips namely MT 1816E to be overheating alot, is it possible that firmware programming can kill a chip? The chip is overheating like hell. I was wondering if the same chip can be found in another cheaper drive so that I can replace and get it to work. Does anyone know any such drives?

Code65536: any help in this will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for all the help guys.

did you try with mtkflash in DOS mode? what does it says? Gives any error?

Before flashing back to 832 firmware my drive was dead and didn’t eject too. It’s normal, as it’s “dead”.

About overheating I really don’t know…