Don't throw out those old burners

Hi all
Just an update for all the people who were kind enough to help me out the other day.
I was trying to burn a backup copy of M$ Office XP Small Business,
I have 2 new DVD / CD Combo drives, Lg GSA H10N and a lite-On SHM 165S, all they did for me was make a bunch of coasters for me out of 15 cd’s.
After someone here told me I was fighting copyright issues I went reading on google about copyright cd’s when I came across a number I knew, LG GCE 8160B,. An old cd-rw I had kicking around, 16Xwrite 10Xrewrite 40Xread, far from speed performance, but does a wonderful job on copyright cd’s.
i wonder what other kind of copy protection it can beat…
Better get another spindle. :slight_smile:
Thanks to everyone who helped me. This is an Awesome site