Don't shoot me but

ok I’ve been searching around for a few days now. I have read alot, read the stickies and everything, I do know how to search I know how to read etc, but my brain is fried.
Here goes… and I know it’s been asked several times before (yes I have read those threads) Anyway, I’m trying to decide which firmware to put on my 3500. All I want is riplock disables and bitsetting. I’m going to be burning onto DVD+RW’s, and DVD+r’s mostly because I can get them pretty cheap (TDK brand)
Now I thought the 218btrpc1 would be perfect for me. But then I found some people saying no don’t use that it’s bad (although they never really gave a reason why other than “it’s old”)
One of my DVD player will play DVD+ the other wont, so I want bitsetting so I can set it to DVD-ROM in the hopes that both my DVD players will then play them fine. Also I want the riplock disabled because I’m not very patient :wink:

can someone please set me straight? From what I’ve read and everything and the description of 218btrpc1 it looks perfect for me, but why are some people saying it’s bad? If it’s bad what else should I use? Some people even said just to use the official NEC release and that will work, but I thought that doesn’t support bitsetting at all and the riplock of course won’t be disabled? ARGH Some one that actually knows please advise me.

I know this question has been asked over and over. Please bare with me though. I’m not a lazy n00b, I have searched but I’m getting contridicting information from people.

There is nothing wrong with 218btrpc1. It is exactly what u want and has no speedups.


U can try NEC_279RPC.rar. This also does the same.

NEC ND-3500A 2.79 Supports DVD+R9 DVD-ROM Bitsetting, RPC1 & Riplock removed, Supports Ritek/Ricoh/Philips DL media

You can find it here.

Thank you so much for the fast reply!

I did the NEC_279RPC but since I won’t be using those medias I didn’t think it would be benefit me much.

I guess the best thing for me will be to get the 218btrpc1 and test it out. I was set on it anyway until I read a post here where someone was bagging on it and saying it’s old and isn’t good anymore. It’s hard to know who actually knows and who is just talking to sound smart.

Thanks again and I’m seriously relived you said there’s nothing wrong with the 218btrpc1, made my day :smiley:

218btrpc1 is the base FW for the Liggy & dee hacked FW, as well as Quickee2.

Whoever said it was old don’t know what there talking about as it is the newest office NEC firmware.

also what about 218_liggy_Ritek_SE since it support bitsetting for DL media and the 218btrpc1 doesn’t???


I tried the 218_liggy_Ritek_SE and got some unstable burns on quality media (TY’s) - I was looking for the same things as you are and finally settled on the Herrie 2.17bs - and have been very satisified with it - gives me very good burns at reasonable speeds with riplock removed and bitsetting - works for me-


The TDK DVD+R 8x is based on the Ricoh JPN R02 media. It is a media I’m using more than any other. I am not 100% sure, but the strategy changes that Dee made in her releases for Ricoh JPN R02 media, game me awesome burning quality at 12x that was better than stock 2.18 at 12x. However I don’t have much data cause I haven’t been using the 2.18 for a long time now.

Thanks for the reply Mike I might do the same and settle for that firmware too, but I think I may experiment a bit with some speed ups.

Orion are you refering to Dee’s firmware of LD_V2beta2? That’s the one I’m going to try out today when I get off work.