Don't save money - save data!

For everyone who wants to save money and buys cheap low-quality media:
This is my backup of Unreal Tournament 2003, discs are Platinum 48X, burned @ LTR-40125W @ 40X speed. 1 year old burn - last install of game cca. Dec 2003 was OK…now, it’s unreadable - Winxp even does not display directory tree!

That dont make any sense … i have old cdr’s up to 7 years old and new ones and if yoiu keep them in a case you will never have any problems… i wonder if you can take a pic of those 3 cd’s with a digi cam zoom on the burned side and post the pics i can promisse you they will have visible damage… remember i have noticed that just a tiny scratch can make a cd Unreadable…yet i have some cd’s that are 3 years old and have scratches and i dont have any problems… i am still using an old LG 12 x burner and i will never EVER trade it for any new cdrwriter… all this time and not a single coaster now that is a damn quality drive… my pc has been on for 3 years 24/7 … hardrive died only … lol … but bought a 120 gig one… hehe. always burn audio at 4-8 x and data at 8-12 x i dont see why people dont understand this … cheaper media should always be burned at lower speed !!!

i use all kind of cdr’s i love MAXELL’s NEVER any problems…also use Fuji now and those are a bit cheap so gota keep them clean…

These are fairly typical results for the Platinum brand. They sold a variety of cheap media under the Platinum brand, including Ritek, Moser Baer and others. Always the cheapest they could find.

Yeah, I think it’s 99% media issue.

  1. LTR-40125W even it is 3 years old (& hardly working;)) drive burns still quite well. I have 3 years old TDKs that I’ve burned just when I bought the drive and they work quite reliably (scans are also much prettier)
  2. There are several scratches but nothing critical - I have much more damaged CDs that can be read back with no problems

I tried both of my drives LTR-40125W and LDW-411S@811S but no luck with these Platinums, they really seem they died :frowning: need to do new backup now…or maybe, should try the new UT2K4 instead;)

I don’t think that it is due to the scratches. I think it is simply low quality cd-quality.
scratches normally are no big deal as long as they are not very deep and long and going in circles around the center.
I heard of several cases like this with cheap media especially DVD±Rs.
Mostly from Platinum, Princo, Sky etc.

You can’t compare very old CDs with that. Those very old CDs were quite expensive and had good quality. Some even had a gold layer. They will last very long. Even some low-price CDs might be of good quality and last. The problem is : You will only know it when it is already tooo late…

Yesterday, i put it in ASUS CD-ROM 50X drive and the game installed with no problems!

Maybe that drive has a really good optic/errorcorrection or it really likes the layertype…

That drive has the absolutely best correction I’ve ever seen…though it’s 3 years old.

The title of this thread is to save data and not money, however, this forum can actually assist in saving both (and has for me). Back in the good “old” days (i.e. last year), we were able to buy 50 packs of Fuji branded TY’s for an excellent price from Best Buy (when the mail in rebate was factored in). Now, that Fuji’s 50 packs are no longer TY’s and I have noticed they no longer provide rebates, we have to look elsewhere for the good deals. I agree though, saving data is more important than saving money, especially when you spend a lot of time collecting info. for hobby stuff and don’t want to have to try to retreive it due to lost data because the disc was cheap.