Don't rely totally on PIF/PIO scans to verify overall disk quality

I was all plum and happy and had just burned the 2nd disc of my Mame romset when on the spur of the moment I decided to do a file integrity scan, ‘just to make sure’. The PIF scan of the first disk was very nice compared to my previous burns (These were my first burns after upgrading to the B7V9 firmware) but I thought ‘okay, but this is more important than a backup dvd burn.’ If you’ve ever downloaded and compiled a Mame romset then you know exactly what I mean. <:) You do NOT want to do it again anytime soon.

It was probably 85% finished checking the files and everything seemed okay and I figured, “of course, I’ve already checked everything with ClrMamePro”, when BAM: Error reading 1 file. WHAT?! It amounted to about 4 files with errors in the end.

I didn’t think it could be a problem with the way I burned the files as I had made an .iso image of them before the burn to DVD-R and the drive was freshly defragmented. But I tried again and got even more errors. Hmm…odd. I loaded up the image in Daemon Tools and scanned it and found the same errors that I had found on the previous 2 burns! NOOOOOOO!!!

Imminent disk failure?!? Imminent burner failure?!? A bad batch of media?!? Does God hate me?!?

Well, in the end it turns out that my experiment with upgrading a previous romset via Bittorrenting burned me pretty bad. If I hadn’t verified my files via scantesting them instead of just the usual PIF/PIO scans and had deleted everything on disk…Oh…well…lemme just say, "Hide the breakables!!’… :stuck_out_tongue:

As it is, I’ll probably have to redownload maybe half of what I’ve been grabbing for the past 3 or 4 weeks. It could have been worse and I probably should have processed the files incrementantly (Seeing as I don’t have the space to process the entire romset) and verified they were okay before deleting the old ones. Live and learn I guess.

A long spiel that basically says, "If you have important data and non-video backups to make, be sure to do a file integrity scan before deleting your originals or perhaps even attempting a burn. Granted, this was more an error on my part and not the hardware, but still, it saved me in the end.

From what you seem to be saying you download was corrupt, not a problem with testing. The burner will only test the burn not the files you put on it. :wink:

theres a problem with this writer if you write discs at lower speeds than thier certified speed, the quality scan is fine but there will be unrecoverable read errors on the discs. seems to affect a few people. i dont think it affects all media, do a search, im sure you’ll find some posts from peeps with the same prob

probably a good idea to do a surface scan after youve burnt a disc to be on the safe side.

nmpaulcp: Yeah, it was totally my fault, but even with the file error scans there were alot more bad files which weren’t detected. My point was just to be more thoroughly when burning data cds. It definately saved me this time.

eddy64: I’ve wondered about that. What does a surface scan show exactly? Does it show laser reading errors (Wherein sratches or smudges, etc obscure the laser read) or does it actually detect the quality of the burned pit?

Heh…, your drive is not suited for any high-tech analysis. :slight_smile:

Burned Blue, simply get Nero CD-DVD Speed and you will have all your answers on your hand.

Goto menu “Extra” --> ScanDisc. Check both File Test and Surface Scan. Start your error scan.
This way of scanning is like “belt and braces”… :wink:

IMO Deamon tools is good for many tasks, but crap when it comes to error scanning.

BTW, corrupted sectors on disc can be recovered with IsoBuster

Really? I thought IsoBuster could just extract (not even add like some other utils) from images - not fix bad sectors?

Not all functions of IsoBuster are on freeware version. Registered has much more capabilities. I think bad sector recovery is in registered version. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: - I was going from memory of an older version of IsoBuster - pre 1 or 1.2 or something - just had a look and the newer version seems to have expnaded it’s tool set - should have googled for it earlier - or taken pinto2’s word :slight_smile:

I often find Daemon good enough on it’s own for most things.

Most of my RitekG04 discs have excellent scans but bad blocks. I do a surface scan of every disc to make sure.