Don't read before 24th December - 131st comic - The present

Heya everybody,

here’s comic number 131: Enjoy!
(I hope you have been waiting until the mentioned date :wink:

Don’t forget the feedback, please!!

Alex “Rylex”

Did you really think I could resist looking. :o

This one is really great. :iagree:

All right guys, every “don’t reed before” comic has been viewed more than 25 times and noone is telling Alex what they think about the comics.

Hypocrites. :iagree:

Right, I don’t get it? Lol

erm same… :confused:


You both don’t get it? :confused:

It’s really fun if you get it. :stuck_out_tongue: :iagree:

A great Christmas comic.

And I did wait untill the 25th before viewing.

Maybe Alex will give you a bonus :stuck_out_tongue:
Nice one :slight_smile: