Don't like XP? Now you have a reason!

I just posted the article Don’t like XP? Now you have a reason!.

Don’t like M$?, Don’t like XP? Well, here’s the reason why your sub-conciousness (or how do you write that?) tells you to dislike it.

During interrogation, Afroze, 25, also claimed that a…

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Oh i didn’t plan to use winxp! never any way! :d

…attempted to plant "… bugs in Windows XP"
Why would they want to put bugs in WinXP, the original Win-staff did already a good job on that. :4

Oh come on… Win XP is an improvement on anything Microshit have done so far…

LOL… that’s some funny stuff… the111 is right though XP is one of the better OS’s to date released by M$… although SaTaN is right too, they don’t need any terrorists to help them with bugs. This story is an obvious fake though. :smiley:

i’ve got win98se and not upgrading till something better (faster) comes along… not becuase of this bullshit article.

hmm…as far as i can tell, XP is a 2k for dummies. sure, there are some improvements, but xp hasnt lasted on my system for more than a week befiore i put back 2k. heh. and iv ahd quit of few sessions of trying to get used to it.

win 2000 SP2 runs more then fine on my dual PIII system , i’d be stupid if i upgraded

Well placing bugs is harder that you might expect it to be: while inserting ANY code it’s very possible that you fix one made by microsoft instead :4

I’ve noticed that everyone on this site seems to hate Microsoft (with good reason they cuz they suck). But you use microsoft products, dosen’t this seem hypocritical to any one else. I’m sorry but it just pisses me off that menus on a microsoft bashing site don’t work on Mozilla under linux.

it seems that different OSs run differently on each person’s computer… even with the same hardware… I can’t even run Win98SE anymore without it crashing on the first boot… XP seems to work fine and it’s the best OS I’ve tried so far… never tried 2K but I hear that’s a very stable OS also… either way, it’s hard to believe this article but then again, it was hard to believe that someone would do what they did on Sept 11…

People don’t like M$ because they are successful. Don’t see any of these users coming up with better OS’s! :8

I don’t believe this news… It’s impossible for a programmer that fucks up the code when he was working under a team leader’s supervision. Microsoft would not let this happen…

95% visitors of this site use a Windows OS(according to the stats). But that doesn’t mean you like it, that’s where a monopoly is about. Of course there are other browsers, but because IE is not so tight with the standards and because most webmasters don’t care about it, sites seem to be fucked up with other browsers. CD Freaks was developed to be compatible with Netscape, and with 4.71 it is after a reload (at least over here), it’s something with the different handling of CSS by both browers that goes wrong…

I’ll believe this news item right after I believe the one about the ragheads attacking the Texas schoolchildren.

I use Opera v6.0, and the only thing on this site that is screwed up in it, is the tiny menu on the top left. The fonts are big, so each notice occupies two rows. Other than that, Opera is just great!

i 2 use opera and it doesnt give me any trouble unless its identifying itself as opera and im checking my mail on my hotmail account but that is because ms is full of shyt and refuses to admit opera is better than IE

Why didn’t MS call WinXp, WinAOL, cause that is what it is?

What? A Microsoft proram with bugs? How could they verify this (XP is just an entire spyware package)

The reason why nobody is bringing up any better Operating systems is that you have all been brain washed with microsoft propoganda. If you don’t like MS use the aternitives (Apple and Linux being the two largest, and both have some superiour traits) don’t think that you are hurting MS by using a different browser. You can however use a totally different platform. any way thats enough out of me.