Don't Let Europe Turn Its Citizens into Copycriminals!



On April 24th, the European Parliament will vote on IPRED2, the Second Intellectual Property Enforcement Directive. With one stroke, they risk turning thousands of innocent EU citizens and businesses into copycriminals.


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The European Union apparently is as bribed as it can be. :sad:


Surprise, surprise.

Of course, everyone knows that in Oz … Macdonalds got a heart foundation tick on 9 of it’s meals, with a “Donation” of just $200K.

It now has “Heart Foundation Tick of Approval” plastered over EVERY square inch of Every window of EVERY macdonalds … hah … “restaurant”.

It’s sickening. The EU too.


Ahh. That chain that explicitly forbids taking photos of the menu displays because the stuff on it is protected by copyright? :bigsmile: