Dont know whats going on lol



hi guys, got abit of a prob here and i dont know what it is…
Other day PC rebooted itself, but i didnt think much after cos it didnt do it again. but today when i ran spybot the program appeared funny, like half the graphics and letters were there, other half wasnt. So i ran No adaware, same thing, so when i asked it too check it checked, but when i clicked on it the pc restarted again. Now ive done no hardware changes lately, or any major software upgrades. So i tried running anti-virus, lavasoft adaware, and MS spy remover, nothing.
Any help would be appreciated here…sasarchiver

Also, in my favorites, when i clicked on a link i got took to another site, even in some website links this would happen. or it wouldnt show first time i pressed link, just got a blank detect network setting page, i have to click twice to get it on, Grrr…got to be virus or spyware???


Could be the video card.


Prob virus, boot into safemode (push the f8 key when booting), then run av and or adaware, spybot or other and this should solve your prob!


hi guys, thnkx for ur replies. I thought of the video card before, so i ran a game, works fine. wasnt a video problem looking at it, it was like when ur pc is slowed down and u open something, and part by part it opens, but i only got half, but full function of it.
Anyways, i ran several checks, chkdsk /f, subspy, spybot and lavasoft. defrag’d the HD. cleaned out history, urls, drop lists etc…it now seems to work ok (fingers crossed).
thanks anywats guys…sasarchiver