Don't know what speed these CPUs are, also RAM confusion



OK, I have very generously been given some CPUs with mobos for various fix up jobs on old and decrepid PCs in my house. However, I don’t know what spec these CPUs are.

I have (as the senders put it):
Athlon 1800
Athlon 3200

…I’ve Googled but can’t find the speeds for these. I suspect that the 3200 is 2GHz, no idea about the 1800.

The manual for one of the mobos that came with them also has:

Due to (Intel 845PE/GE/GV) chipset architecture limitation, DDR 333 memory module is only supported when using FSB 533 Pentium 4 processor. A FSB 400 Pentium 4 processor will only support DDR 266 memory module.

That has a Pentium Celeron D 2.4 GHz processor. I want to know if it can take DDR266 or DDR333. And I take it that all DDR is 2.5V?

Please help guys!


Athlon XP3200 is 2.2GHz - I think there are 2 versions though with a 2GHz version on a faster FSB as well.
Athlon XP1800 is 1533MHz (1.53GHz)

The Cel D has a 533FSB so you should be ok with DDR333 ram.


Great stuff, thanks.

I found some for £8 with free p&p on eBay at 333, cheaper than anything @ 266.

Job done. :slight_smile:


you will get big money for the xp 3200+ on ebay as it was the fastest socket A CPU AMD made. I am considering selling one I have myself.