Dont know what burner and media to use :(



im new to using DL disks and i havent got a clue on what burner to buy.
not sure if i should say this here but i only need one for making xbox360 backups.

At the moment im using a cheap Dual layer burner which only cost 20 pounds, it doesnt say a make on the burner itself, it says its a ‘DVD writer model SH-S222’ and in my hardware it says its a ‘TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S222A’. haha what a pile of s***.

The media ive been using are even worse, ive read up on them and the things ive heard people say about them im embarressed to say i bought some. anyway here goes. AONE PREMIUM 8.5gb DVD-R DL.

i know there not a very good combo both cheap and low quality products.

Anyway ill stop speaking about stuff i don’t really know about and just say ‘please help’.

like i said earlier i only need the stuff for xbox backups, if someone can recommend the best for this or just high quality products i would be grateful.


Your burner is made by Samsung and should be able to burn good quality DL disks. The only brand that is reliable enough for us to recommend is Verbatim.

If your computer can use SATA interface drives, (your current model is an IDE drive I believe), then you should look at the Pioneer 217 or Optiarc 7240s for burning Verbatim DL disks. That is, if you want to replace the drive.

If you have to use IDE interface, look for a Pioneer 116 or 117…though I doubt you’ll find one. They seem to be scarce, and the 118 and 218 Pioneers use a different chipset and don’t excel at this task like the earlier models.


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The drive you currently have is made by Toshiba-Samsung (I have the SATA version of that drive, the 223F).

Your drive will more than likely do the job if you switch media brands. :wink:

The most widely recommended DL discs on the forums is Verbatim (preferably Made in Singapore).

So I’d definitely switch your disc brand before bothering to swap out your drive.

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Thanks so was for the advice was extremely helpful. im guna go for the verbatims first then if that dont work ive gota have a burner problem so ill prob go for the Optiarc 7240s as its less than 30 pounds on ebay, sounds like a good deal if its a good burner.

Dont suppose anyone knows or recommends a good place to buy the verbatim DL ( made in singapore) if im in the uk?

ive had a look around and the best i can find is 9.99 pounds for 10 at
dont know if thats a good price though


The last Verbie DLs I got was from - they were the 8x ones in 5-packs, and mine were Made in Singapore. Didn’t know that til I received them though, I just took the chance as I needed them quick.

You could have a look around there and see how much they charge for the bigger packs (I didn’t need many so 5 was all I got).

Online it’s kind of impossible to tell the country discs are made in. With places like ebay I guess you could always mail the seller first.

The Amazon prices looks OK compared to what I paid for 5, but I have no clue if they’re MIS or not.


ok thanks mate, will have a look


If you decide to get a SATA burner, make sure you have a SATA data cable and SATA power adapter to go with it. Retail drives might include them, but OEM (cheaper) versions definitely won’t.

Good luck.

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[QUOTE=michaelturner6143;2463348]ok thanks mate, will have a look[/QUOTE]

Good luck :)…I just checked out a couple of other places as well, and it seems that the Amazon deal is OK, if they’re Made in Singapore.

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