Dont know if you do HD's but



okay the only problem i have is i have 3 hard drives, c,d, and f.
the question is, how do i change the “f” to an “e”, only because i dont want to recreate new shortcuts and all that happy stuff.
tried re-installing the ide channels with only the 3 hard drives and no cd-roms. but my “e” drive is showing up “f” every time.

if all else fails i will re-install windows.
all i can say is i’m pissed, never had any problems before with drive letters.
first the cd-rw now this bull.


Go to Control Panel and and under Administrative tools> Computer management>Storage>Disc Management you can right click on the drive and change the drive letters. You can’t change to a letter that is being used so you may have to change example E: to Z: then change your other drive letters. HTH.:slight_smile:


thanks man, i thought my computer was trying to screw with me.
i was pretty close to sticking a stick of dynamite in it, lite it and run.


Your welcome.:slight_smile: