Don't know if audio CD is protected

I’ve purchased a few CDs over the past few months and tried to make copies for use in my car’s CD player. These include The Shins - Wincing the Night Away, Aqualung - Strange and Beautiful, and Tristan Prettyman - Twentythree.

I use Nero Burning ROM v6.6.1.4 to copy the CDs. I don’t receive any errors or anything. However, when I try to play the new copy on my computer or in my car, I don’t get any music. The players (Windows Media Player, VLC, J.River Media Center, iTunes, etc.) don’t report any errors and don’t produce any sound. The seek bar just seems to scan across and progress from track to track, but in silence. I don’t have this problem with 95% of the CDs I’ve copied.

Does anyone know if these CDs have some type of copy protection? I don’t get any player app on my screen when they are inserted, so I know it’s not Sony’s rootkit crap. Is there a way to just simply copy these CDs so I can make backups? The only work around I’ve found is:

  1. I use Nero to make a copy of the disc
  2. I try playing the disc on my computer
    3,a) If it works, I know the copy is fine
    3,b) It it doesn’t work, I rip the original onto my computer using a lossless format. They rip just fine. Unfortunately, I have to toss the disc that I copied to.
  3. I burn a new CD from the lossless tracks.

It would be nice to just make a copy without all the other hassles. It seems strange that these “copy protected” CDs are easily ripped.

scan those cds with copy-discovery , no guessing needed :smiley: , tell me if it finds anything also specify whats your burner (like humans,not created equal,some are better then others with certain copy protections)

Have you tried playing the copy’s in another player to ensure they’re ok.
Also some car cd players are picky about the media and won’t play them.