Don't Know How to Use DVDFab

Hey everyone. This is my first post so please take it easy on me, J/K. Okay, I’m not too computer savvy. So I’m using DVDFab Platinum. I put in the movie I want to copy and pick full disk. I put in the movie dvd and it starts to analyze. Than it goes to copy process started and then finished. Now where am I supposed to go under source? Remember, I’m new to computer stuff so can someone show me step-by-step on what I’m supposed to do? The target I have is D:[Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-K16A 1.63 (Ide)]. Where am I supposed to go for the source? Please help because I don’t know what I’m doing. Thanks in advance, Ed.:bow::bow:

If you only have 1 DVDRW drive use it as the source and destination, the destination should be in the dropdown box. The Source is the disc you just scanned. The destination is the disc you want to write to.

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Have a look at the guide the author gave us.

Do as Kipper has asked, read the guide and if there is anything we can help you with , please post. Welcome to CDF.:clap:

Also here are the setting that I use for full disk or movie only and they have worked great for me with no problems on any movie and BTW welcome to the forum as there is a gre
[B]My DVDFAB Platinum Settings Which Work Great For Me[/B]

[B]I/O Mode: Auto[/B]
[B]Check: Ask Retry/Ignore/Abort When Reading Error[/B]
[B]Retry: 5 Times[/B]
[B]Skip Sectors After Reading Error: 32[/B]
[B]Cache Control: Check Enable Read Ahead[/B]
[B]Write: Burning Engine VSO[/B]
[B]Write Speed: 4X or 8X ( I use Verbatim 16X +R media writing at 8X or 12X)[/B]
[B]DVD Writeable Media: DVD-5 Size 4472 ( less compression )[/B]
[B]Write Type: SAO[/B]
[B]Check Booktype To DVD-ROM ( only for DVD+R/RW Media )[/B]
[B]Check Everything[/B]
[B]Path Player[/B]
[B]Enable Path Player when necessary[/B]
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