Dont know how to make HD into slave to boot DW-Q520A

My laptop (Inspiron 8100) wont boot when i put the Q520A in the fixed bay, and from what i have read on the forum its because they’re both trying to be master? So i have to do make the HD into a slave? then when the PC loads flash the EEPROM to make it into a Slave? and then return my HD back to Master and everything should be fine? Well im already stuck, i dont know how to make my Laptop HD into a Slave (assuming it is one already?) i have to connect the two of the pins on the end that are shaped like a square dont i? but which?

Thanks for any help

I fixed it. This is what i did. My laptop has a fixed bay on the side, and a modular bay at the front. You can put drives in each. So i took out my modular/media bay drive and dismantled it and took its internal drive out and replaced it with the DWQ520A and the PC finally booted like this. I could have left it like this but the bezel that came with the DWQ520A was a fixed bay one and not a modular bay one so i wanted to make into a slave so i could put it back on the fixed bay. I used another thread then to help me:

I used the eeprom flashing utility to make a backup of the sony’s eeprom really use to do. Then i used the hex editing tool to open one of the saved copies of the eeprom. Ive never used a hex editor before but after a while i realised what you have to do. You basically click around in the middle window and look at the bottom tool bar until you’re at address 07C and when you are you’ll see the character highlighted in BLUE is 08 (which is the setting for MASTER) so you use the edit menu to change the string (string is another way of saying what is written in the block) and change its Hexadecimal value to 09. Then save it. Then open up your eeprom flash utility and restore that updated copy back to your drive. I did all that and then i put the drive back in the fixed bay and it worked perfectly. Burned a Whole DVD in 12mins using Nero. Didnt need a firmware update it came with the HYS2, which i used the drive info tool on the utility page of to check.

couldnt have done it without the forum thanks alot.