Don't know how to back up encrypted dvd

Hello, I have a habit of ruining the Cds and DVDs that I buy, so in order not to lose my movies, I’ve been trying to backup my dvd collection. For most of them I can do this easily with the DVD Shrink program that came on my computer, but some of them are encrypted. I have tried to use DVD Decrypter shareware, and have read some of the online tutorials, but they are still too tech savvy for me.

My dvds that aren’t encripted I don’t have any problems with-- I can shrink them and then burn them with the NTI Cd/DVD Burner program that also came on my computer.

When they are encrypted though, how can I proceed to make myself a backup copy of them?

Thank you very much for any help you can provide!

You need software that can read/remove the encryption and the tools you are using are no longer updated.

RIP the discs using DVDFab HD Decrypter ( ). Then open the files using DVD Shrink.

In addition to above, the following is one option. Posts #67 to #74, but please also read Post #78.

And another option:

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Thank you very much, I’ll try that! In the mean time, I’ve already stepped on a DVD and cracked it in half. Looks like I should have checked back here for your answers in a more timely manner!