Don't know a thing..want to learn how to burn a dvd with these proagrams



Hello there. I am new to all this and what i am trying to do is convert a movie I downloaded to dvd format and then burn it. I had downloaded the divx to dvd converter. Once there i do not know what to do. I donwloaded the free version of Copy to DVD by the same company VSO. My problem is once I convert it I do not know what to do from there to copy it! Can anyone help me? Are these the best free programs to be using? (the simpler the better). I want something free for now since even if I paid for another program I would not know what to do with it. Thanks!


This is of course a legitimatly downloaded movie isn’t it?

I’d have a look through some of these guides, i like DVD shrink and DVD decrypter, both free and well documented here as well as easy to use.


Go to . There are numerous tutorials and lots of information on what software to use, and the exact steps for doing what you want to do.


OK…so I downloaded DVD Shrink…Now my problem is that I can’t find ANY of my movie files. I obviously dont know what i am doing. I have never had problems finding files before. I can find them to play them in any player but I cant openl them up through DVD Shrink. What the??? I am going insane now. I have been online for the last 3 hours trying to get something to work.


Been awhile since I tested VSO DivX to DVD. :stuck_out_tongue: What location did you specify for it to put the converted files? There should be a folder called VIDEO_TS that you can open in DVDShrink. It’s actually useful to do this, since if Shrink can open it, you know the authored DVD is compliant and will play okay on a standalone. Now, if you are pointing Shrink at your original DivX, that ain’t-a-gunna-work. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do this: Load your DivX in VSO DivX to DVD. Leave the defaults alone. Convert it and take note where the output files are going. Simple.

From here you have several alternatives:

  1. Hit open files and load the VIDEO_TS in DVDShrink. Hit backup in DVDShrink, specify that it create an ISO and burn with DVDDecrypter. (Get it here:

  2. Get ImgTools Classic to create the ISO from the converted files, get it same place as above. Burn with DVDDecrypter, ISO Write mode.

  3. Get a freeware burner somewhere, off the top of my head I’m sure Deep Burner can do the job. There are some free burning apps in the tool section at

Good luck. :slight_smile: